Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conman Ken on the run in the sun

A wily Welshman by the name of Kenner Elias Jones, a much convicted conman according to the BBC, is now believed to be operating in Portugal.

Charged with stealing thousands of pounds from an employer in the UK, Jones absconded from a crown court before his trial in the UK eight years ago. He has been on the run ever since.

Already convicted more than 60 times for theft, forgery and fraud, Jones has allegedly cheated several companies in Portugal.

Previously deported from Canada and the United States, he is wanted in Kenya where he is alleged to have debts of more than 100,000 dollars. He is said to have posed as a doctor in Kenya and to have administered medicines to children, even though he had no medical qualifications. It is claimed he also posed as a priest.

BBC Wales tracked him to Portugal and interviewed a travel agent in Palmela, south of Lisbon, who claimed Jones did not pay for tickets obtained for his family to join him in this country.

BCC Wales believe he is living in the capital but, of course, it is possible he has moved south to the Algarve and is trying to continue his 40-year criminal career here. 

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