Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amaral hits back at McCanns’ claims

Gonçalo Amaral insists that the lawfulness of his book Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira is “indisputable” and has reiterated that he may file a counter lawsuit against Kate and Gerry McCann.
The lead detective in the original investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann revealed this in a Facebook message to supporters in which he gave an assessment of his position on the current libel action brought against him by the McCanns.
Mr Amaral said he was considering seeking compensation from the McCanns and others for the enormous damages he claims they have caused him on different levels.  
Both Kate and Gerry McCann were allowed to address the court in Lisbon’s Palace of Justice a fortnight before the long-running trial was adjourned yet again. The suspension meant that closing arguments on behalf of Mr Amaral could not be heard before the court went into summer recess.
In his Facebook statement, Mr Amaral began by saying: “Upon reading the news about the most recent trial session, I am certain that the vast majority of journalists don’t know what is being discussed in court, and have not reported correctly.”
He went on to itemise what he sees as being at stake in the trial.
The court must decide whether writing the book was a lawful or unlawful action, whether or not the McCanns have suffered damages and whether or not there are facts to prove it. Also at stake is whether or not it is possible to establish a causal nexus between the book and such damages, he said. 
He insisted that the lawfulness of the book was indisputable because of a decision of the Appellate Court in Lisbon, which overturned an earlier ruling banning the book.
“With proof of the lawfulness of the book, the matter should rest here, without the need to investigate anything further, namely concerning the damages that the plaintiffs complain about,” he said.
“Nonetheless, we should note that even if the lawfulness may still be at stake, there is still the need to establish a causal nexus between the publication and the damages that the plaintiffs complain about, such as deep depression, social isolation, etc. And, of course, to prove that said damages, no matter where they originate from, really exist.”
Mr Amaral continued: “Concerning the social part, it seems obvious to me, if we pay attention to the countless social events that the plaintiffs have participated in, including speeches at the British Parliament, interviews on television shows like Oprah Winfrey’s, gala dinners with illustrious personalities, namely British, among others, that said social isolation is totally false.
“Concerning the depressions, although they are in no way proved within the case, in my opinion, in fact it would be very strange if they didn’t exist. The disappearance of a daughter, whether she is dead or alive, whether or not she was abducted, has to originate enormous consequences of that kind. How strange would it be if that wasn’t the case!
“But about this issue I won’t say anything further, given that the plaintiffs seem to attribute to me and my book all of their pain, as if said disappearance, followed by their arguido status and other circumstances that surround the case, were of no importance, or weren’t more than enough!”
Mr Amaral blamed the latest postponement of the case on “clearly dilatory manoeuvres” on the part of the McCanns. He wants the case to finish as soon as possible, he said, but fears it will drag on for a long time, exacerbated by a scheduled reorganisation within the judicial system in September following the end of the summer recess.
Despite this, “my trust in Portuguese justice remains steadfast,” Mr Amaral said.
In thanking those who have supported him, he said it would have been impossible to fight the McCann’s libel action without them.
Towards the end of his statement, he revealed that he is considering filing a lawsuit against the McCann couple and others, “in order to be compensated for the enormous damages that they have caused me already, on all levels, such as moral, professional and financial.”
Mr Amaral concluded: “The time to judicially react to all those who have put my privacy, my intimacy, my freedom of expression and opinion, and my survival conditions at stake is approaching.
“They have tried to assassinate me civilly, but due to the support and solidarity of all of you, they were not successful.”


  1. thumbs up for Mr Amaral,he did and does not deserve all that Mr Mrs Mcaan and the msm have done to him.

  2. Great article and it's good to see the word FOR Goncalo Amaral being shared. Just one thing bugging me. Please, don't call it a libel trial, it is not, it is a case the McCanns are seeking damages for their claim the book harmed the search for Madeleine, and damaged them and the twins. Not libel, thank you, article appreciated

  3. THANK YOU Len.
    If only the great British press would report this.

  4. Ive commented and its disappeared are the Mcanns in on this aswell???

  5. Great article and it's about time we saw more news in favour of Mr Amaral. To my mind the McCanns are in a lose or lose situation by taking this action against Gonçalo.
    They're damned if they lose and they'll be even more damned if the win. Public opinion is going to really build up against them.

    1. I always knew their greed would get the better of them one day!the public are becoming more and more aware of their game! its time we were given the truth!

  6. Funny thing! Very recently I posted a comment on another pro-Madeleine and Gonçalo Amaral page saying Mr. Amaral will have cause and a case to sue the McCanns. How wonderful to see he is considering just that! I couldn't be happier; well, except maybe when I hear the McScums have lost their case that is :). Just curious as to who these 'others' may be that he will also be suing. The McScums public relations scammers maybe? Would be great! Would love to see Mr. Amaral come out a rich man after this, and then the McSums convicted of murder thereafter. Now THAT would be justice!!

  7. Good Luck Amaral, you have the truth and most of the population on your side xx

    1. Mr Amaral is a fine policeman, and came the closest to ending this costly case, if he had been allowed to carry on, instead of invened by the government, we would have had a far more satisfactory outcome, than this outrageous "Keystone Cops" pantomime we have had to endure, when are we going to be given the truth!

    2. Goncalo Amaral has far more cause to sue the Mccanns, than them sue him,his book was not in any way libellous, just stating all facts based on suitable enidence, everything in his book was listed on the PJ police files, as viable evidence, the Mccanns in my view have caused this man far more injury, by trying to destroy him, because he came closest to the truth!

  8. Can’t we set up a fund for Goncalo Amaral to enable him to fight the McCann’s? They have thousands of pounds to fight him because most of the money they are using came from ordinary people to help find the poor child, not to be used for flights, hotels and their mortgage etc.

    1. Thats a brilliant idea, its time this man, was seen as the true victim in this debacle. I would be more than willing to contribute!

  9. Just in case Tony Williams has not yet found out for himself, there IS a fund set up to help Gonçalo Amaral fight this case. It can be found on the "Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral" website. The payment details are there too. They are:

    BPI - Banco Português de Investimento, Sete Rios, Lisboa
    BPI – Banco Português de Investimento, Sete Rios branch, in Lisbon

    NIB: 0010 0000 438 0385 000 1 62
    IBAN: PT 50 0010 0000 438 0385 000 1 62
    Swift: BB PI PT PL

  10. Brilliant as I would be more than happy to help Mr Amaral too.

  11. Good luck Goncalo Amaral, I m with you all the way as are so many British people. I am positive that madeline Mccann too in spirit is with you.
    Good over evil always wins eventually so hang on in there, the time for mccanns is so nearly over and I sooooo can't wait to see them fall and I prey they are punished heavily for all the evil they have committed and for the damage they have caused to firstly a beautiful young soul, "madeline ", and secondly for those who s lives have been destroyed in fighting for her justice, yourself being the first and most determined of all.
    I truely have faith in you and your beautiful honesty, compassion, integrity and houourabilty. You sir are a gentleman and I on behalf of so many 1000's of British people thank you once again for fighting so hard for one of our own little girls.
    I'm ashamed of my nations pig headed, deceitful and political ways and you've proved time and time again, the old ways are the best.
    I would take my my children to Portugal for a holiday and I would feel comfortable knowing such person s as yourself were keeping my family safe.
    Gentleman and a bit more is what you are sir.
    Much thanks xx

    1. Agreed, Mr Amaral is a brave and honourable man, who was cut down by these two individuals because he came close to the truth! no other reason, he asnd others has suffered because they dared to speak out ! The majority of people are with him,good will win over evil!