Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Carnival of Luxury boss blasts critics

Eva Aydelman, the initiator and leading figure behind the Carnival of Luxury staged recently in the Arade Pavillion near Portimão, is angry about the controversy surrounding the event.
Mrs Aydelman says she has been subjected to malicious rumour and inaccurate press reports, and that she is “disgusted” by allegations of previous convictions for fraud committed in the UK.
The “ultimate lifestyle fair” as it was billed, did not live up to her expectations because of “jealousy, extortion, defamation and lies. My lawyer and I have proof of it, but it is for the courts and not for the so-called truth-loving press to decide,” she said.
She quoted the 20th century American writer Robert E. Howard: “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”
So annoyed is she by her hostile critics that she intends submitting a case to the European Court of Human Rights because she does not feel she could get proper justice in this country.
Asked why she initiated a luxury event here at a time of financial crisis, Mrs Aydelman, an Israeli citizen born in the former USSR, said that on first coming to Portugal to look for investment property she fell in love with the Algarve.
“I just wanted to add some glitter to the world’s best kept secret. It was a dream. The beauty of the nature hypnotised me, but now when I look around all I can see is ugliness – dirt, actual and moral.”
So far she has paid off 90% of the bills arising from the carnival and is in the process of settling the rest, but she will end up well out of pocket. “Don’t get me wrong, the financial losses are painful, but the emotional suffering is the worst.”
Mrs Aydelman declined to say how much she had lost. To do so would only “provide satisfactions to all of you (the press) and become a new topic for public discussion.”
Having promised to contribute to charities before the event, she said that despite her losses she would honour that pledge.
“I still believe that good causes should not suffer because of people that don’t have the first clue about humility. And if the press would stop for a minute smearing my name and intentions, they would have heard the announcement I made (at the Carnival) during Sunday afternoon:  that charities would still get donations, maybe not as big as we hoped. For this they can thank the sensational and scandal-hungry press.”
Would she consider staging such an event in the Algarve or elsewhere in Portugal ever again? 
“At this specific moment I would like to make a time capsule with the message that not only my children, my grandchildren and my great-grand children should avoid this place more than the plague. But this is regarding my children or my descendants. In regards to myself, I don’t really know.”


Anonymous said...

This is all very well, but at no point does Madame Aydelman offer any proof that she is NOT the fraudster both the PJ and SEF were/ are investigating. She is simply "disgusted". This could be because she was rumbled - and not just by the press, but by people who set out originally to work with her.

The comment about wanting to add a bit of "glitter" to the "beauty of the nature" is quite honestly nauseating. Since when has the beauty of Nature required embellishment by material wealth and upmarket bling?

One last query: very interesting, to be out of pocket but STILL giving to charity. Which charities will be benefiting from this largesse? That too would seem to be hanging in the air. Puff and bluster? It certainly looks like it.

With regard to the European Court of Human Rights: someone should let the lady know you can only resort to it once you have exhausted all legal channels in the relevant country...

Anonymous said...

This event was destined to fail. A massive business misjudgement followed by the inevitable recriminations. There are so many questions left unanswered, where was the promised USA ex-President anyway...I was looking forward to that...

Plain Speaking said...

Mrs. Aydelman, before you invested your time and money on such a product you really should have investigated your target market more. Merely by taking time to ask local, impartial, business people who have lived here for many years you would quickly have understood the old saying "How do you make a small fortune in the Algarve" answer "Start off with a large one". No point blaming the press. The fault lies at your own doorstep.

Or maybe there were other objectives because quite how do you explain the following link?

Anonymous said...

"The event also includes conducting auctions for charitable purposes, which will be auctioned in a painting by the Spanish painter Salvador Dali"

I was looking forward to that as well, but there are so many fakes in the market....

Anonymous said...

Lets make it clear, yes "Madame" Aydelman has proof against what has been claimed, and no she doesn't have to show them to the public, show owes nothing to no one.

And YES Mrs. Aydelman is donating and giving money to mainly two Portuguese charities VidaMais and ADM Estrela, some people keep thier promises to others no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

well the Salvador Dali was sold for 520€ and was authenticated, and the Andy Warhol was also sold, before the gala dinner even started, and that was authenticated as well.
so no it was not a fraud at all.

Natasha said...

There, now we're all clear. There was a a lot of misunderstanding and no fraud, either here or in the UK - and we have lots of anonymous comments to back this all up!

Anonymous said...

well should anyone wish to prod and poke further the crime related to a Eva Aydelman was committed in the UK, the trail was held in Liverpool Crown Court, under the law any person can seek this information about the trail from the Courts as can you apply to the Police who dealt with the Case, this is called the freedom of information act now commonly known as (freedom information services)

Anonymous said...

Now one year on and all photo's of Eva Aydelman and her son and Adam Twidale have all but disappeared from Google and Facebook ask yourself why? why would you try to hide this info?

Anonymous said...

FIB expertise helps catch ‘Lady’ fraudster
London, 12 January 2005
Back to the list
With the assistance of ICC’s Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB), law enforcement officials in Merseyside, northwest England, recently captured and successfully prosecuted self-styled ‘Lady’ Geraldine Travers. A veteran con artist, Travers is currently languishing in jail, her jet-set days of high stakes crime and deception now completely unravelled.
CIB applauds counterfeit ring arrests
‘Lady’ Geraldine, as she refers to herself, is in fact an impostor of Russian origin named Eva Aydelman. First jailed in November 2003 for mortgage fraud and illegal immigration, Ms Aydelman acquired her alias by stealing the identity of a deceased Irish infant.
In court again last November, she pleaded guilty to obtaining services and property by deception and had another two years added to her original sentence of one year. FIB expert witness testimony played a key role in winning this new conviction.
FIB Assistant Director Jon Merrett stated: “The scam that sparked the FIB investigation involved an Insurance Financial Guarantee Bond written in Slovakian and English that police discovered at her house. FIB was called upon to verify the legitimacy of the financial documentation and concluded that the bonds and supporting documentation were fraudulent, constructed entirely from scratch by Ms Aydelman.”
Police discovered that Ms Aydelman sold two of these bonds, each with a face value of US $5 million, to two Czech lawyers who paid a total of US $620,000. In order to dupe them, she travelled by privately chartered Lear Jet to the Czech Republic, hoping to give the illusion of a successful businesswoman conducting business on behalf of a credible bank.
As part of its Expert Witness Service, FIB research discovered that the firm listed as the issuer of the bonds, The General People’s Insurance Company, had been defunct since 1999. In addition, while in operation the company had never offered such a financial instrument.
Mr Merrett provided further details, stating: “The bond did not have an issue date, which was highly unusual. Our records indicated that the company issuing the bond had already had its licence revoked by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. Furthermore, the title of the bond, ‘Insurance Financial Guarantee’, was very close to similar fake guarantees. The reference to codes published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris was another clue, as the ICC does not publish any voluntary codes for such instruments.”
Many such commonly identifiable clues to fraudulent financial documents can be found in the FIB publication “Preventing Financial Instrument Fraud: The Money Launderer’s Tool”. This publication was developed to allow banks and other financial organizations to quickly identify fraudulent documents.

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