Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Exposed: British PM without socks

The media 'silly season' got off to a pulsating start with fascinating revelations about British Prime Minister David Cameron’s dress sense while on holiday in the Algarve with his wife Samantha and their three children.
At a time of the year when the British tabloids print even dafter rubbish than usual, The Sun ran the headline: “David Cameron kicks off hols with another fashion mishap.” The paper went on to report: “Strolling around the stalls at the Aljezur market on the Algarve, Samantha looked immaculate in an elegant green dress. In contrast, the PM, who’s become known for his holiday fashion mishaps, was so keen to wear his new shirt he forgot to iron out the creases from its packaging.”
The bit about the ironing was an exclusive. The other papers missed it. Most went so far as to acknowledge that the light denim shirt and knee-length shorts were a big improvement on his past holiday outfits.
“Through no fault of our own, summer dressing isn't something that comes naturally to us Brits,” admitted The Sun.
The Daily Mail noticed that “Cameron appeared slightly awkward in his holiday garb, but at least he’s not wearing those black work shoes again.”
To the Mail’s relief,  during his visit to the Aljezur market “Mr Cameron sported a pair of brown loafers (without any socks).” 
The paper reminded us that last year, the Prime Minister was ridiculed by fashion watchers for wearing dark cotton trousers and smart black work shoes during a family break to Majorca. After coming in for criticism for his stuffy holiday outfits in the past, his Algarve attire was certainly “a step in the right direction.”
The Daily Telegraph was the most effusive of the lot. “David Cameron listens to fashion critics on holiday wardrobe choices,” it trumpeted. It is no less than one would expect from a good Tory newspaper, of course.
News that the Camerons, like so many other budget-conscious tourists, had chosen to fly to Faro with Easyjet was wonderful publicity for the low-cost airline and for the flagging Algarve tourist industry, but one wonders what Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary made of it.
A press photo opportunity had been laid on for the media the day after the Camerons’ arrival. David and Samantha duly turned up casually dressed to be snapped ambling around Aljezur market having a look at a range of seafood.
Surprisingly, they decided to buy some fresh squid. The Portuguese regard squid as a delicacy, but ‘yuck!’ most Brits turn their noses up at it. The photos suggested the Camerons’ were not all that keen but decided it was a polite gesture to the host country to give it a go.
With the cameramen suitably placated, the Camerons drove back to their holiday retreat in the hills of Monchique where any further media intrusion was discouraged by round-the-clock security provided by police from both the Portuguese PSP and Scotland Yard.
Subsequent enquiries have failed to reveal whether the Camerons enjoyed their squid, if Samantha got around to ironing David’s shirt, or indeed what style of underpants he prefers.
In the interests of political transparency, I think we should be told. 

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