Thursday, May 10, 2018

The secret of staying young in spirit 

Dorothy Boilter’s  100th birthday

     “She goes with the flow and doesn’t let much bother her,” says her eldest daughter, B.J. Boulter.
     That may be the secret of Dorothy Boulter’s popularity, happiness and longevity.
     Many family members and friends gather in the Algarve village of Estombar to celebrate Dorothy’s 100th birthday on 9th May.
     Twenty-nine members of her family came from as afield as the United Kingdom, Finland, Greece and the Netherlands to enjoy this very special, fun-filled occasion.
     Dorothy, whose father was English and mother Italian, was born on the island of Malta during the First World War.
    She served with the British Royal Navy during the Second World War. 
    She and her husband, Royston, together with their seven children, spent 16 years in Africa before coming to the Algarve in 1962...
    They bought the renowned Solar Penguin guest house on the seafront at Praia da Rocha. Dorothy ran it for 45 years.
      Widowed in 1981, Dorothy retired in 2007 and now lives independently in Estombar near B.J. 
     At 100 years of age, she is still quick-witted, humorous and always smiling.



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lancer89074 said...

I was lucky to meet this fine lady in 1993...she was so sweet and kind towards me. She asked me if she thought it would be possible to travel directly towards Spain (the route I was taking) Eastward at her age.
I admired her spunk and told her that it would be possible if she traveled very light.
Her husband was a fine artist and I admired his painting of a patron saint blowing the fishermen safely towards shore. I am saddened by the loss of the 'Solar Penguin'...the perfect place to stay IMO, but I realize that people must do what is best for themselves too...I will never forget Dorothy Boilter and consider her a friend!!!