Tuesday, July 18, 2023


Mid-Week Headline News

                              – July 19

Alzheimer’s “turning point”

A new drug to treat Alzheimer’s has been announced at a four-day conference in Amsterdam that ends tomorrow. Trials on the drug, Donanemab, have shown it to slow progression in the early stages of the disease by up to 35%. While far from a cure, the new drug is being hailed as “a turning point” in the fight against the disease. It is estimated that about 50,000 people in Portugal are currently living with Alzheimer’s and the number is rising.    

Popular among expats

Only two European countries are rated in the 2023 top ten most popular countries in the world for expats, according to the global portal InterNations. Portugal is rated at number 10 of the 53 countries surveyed. About 80% of expats feel welcome and at home in Portugal. The ease of settling here is one of its highlights. However job prospects, career development and fair pay are worse than in Spain, which was given the world’s number 2 slot. Number one went again to Mexico.  Panama was 3rd. The UK was 43rd. Kuwait was at the very bottom. 

The end of Golden Visas sparks anger

The leader of the autonomous government in the Azores has joined his counterpart if Madeira in condemning the mainland Portuguese government for ending the Golden Visa scheme that has been economically beneficial to the islands.  While speaking to the Luca News agency and the RTP Azores television channel, the Azores president criticized the "unilateral decision" of the central government. 

According to SchengenVisaInfo.com there are currently over 21,000 requests being reviewed in the initial analysis phase, which is the first stage of reviewing and evaluating the requests for investment. Out of these, 7,802 applications have been submitted by foreign investors and citizens.

Illegal immigrant clampdown

The Portuguese Criminal Investigation Police (PJ) and the SEF immigration and borders service have launched a process to put an end to an alleged illegal immigration network, the minister of internal affairs announced on Monday.  Similar processes will follow, he said.

So much for marriage!

The Portugal News quoting Pordata is reporting that 60% of marriages in Portugal end in divorce. Data from 2021 shows that there were about 60 divorces for every 100 marriages in Portugal. This is only surpassed by Luxembourg (72% divorces), Finland (62.1%), and marginally by Sweden (60.8%).

Christiano Ronaldo to move on

Portugal’s football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been playing for a team in Saudi Arabia since January, said on Monday that he would not be returning to European football. It was “a completely closed door” for him, he said. If he moves on, it will probably be to play “soccer” for more vast income in the United States.  The 38-year-old’s current net worth is said to be about $500 million.

Portuguese newspapers

One of the biggest stories in the national papers so far this week has been about alleged embezzlement at the telecom operator Altice, thought to involve about €660 million.


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