Saturday, January 20, 2024

Sagres fisherman dies suspiciously


It is not that unusual for a recreational fisherman to accidentally fall to his death from a cliff in the south-western Algarve, but police have been investigating an incident that may have involved a deliberate criminal act.

Ricardo Brito, 47, who lived in Portimão, fell to his death near Sagres at about 3.0pm of the last day of last year.  Three people were nearby at the time: his employer in the construction business, the employer’s teenage nephew, and another man a little further away.

It is thought that Mr Brito felt ill, sat down and foamed at the mouth. His boss is said to have rushed to his aid. Mr Brito fell, apparently hitting his head on a rock, before falling all the way down to the sea where the third man fishing not far away apparently saw Mr Brito’s body.

The Maritime Police in Lagos were alerted and on the scene as quickly as possible. They took the lifeless body ashore and to a hospital where an autopsy, and later a second autopsy, were carried out.

Mr Brito’s family have been informed that police have investigated the matter and concluded a crime may have caused the fall. A court hearing is expected. 

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